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What is the benefit of publishing on Zergin?

Get more viewers for your books! Earn monthly income! Need more info? Keep reading.

You've paid the printing costs, you've done the book fairs, the online sales, you've got your social media up and running, you just need the sales. Maybe you've sold some copies, maybe you've donated some copies.

But then, maybe you've been told no dozens of times, refused by every book store you approach, realized the print on demand costs are driving your prices up so high that it's hard to make a sale and impossible to sell wholesale.

Now imagine if you didn't have the printing costs, or travel costs, or headaches. Imagine if you didn't have to search and beg to find one new customer only to have the sale net you fifteen cents, and then move on to find one more. Imagine if your fans combined with hundreds of other author's fans, and now thousands of parents desperate to find unique, awesome books for their kids have your book right in front of them. Imagine making money every month with very little work up front and zero extra expenses.

That's Zergin.

Create a FREE account, Upload your book (don't have time for that?), and submit it to the Library. That's it. You're good to go.


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