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How do I promote my kids book on Zergin?

The first thing you should do is promote your book to your social following. Don't have one? Getting started on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest is easy, and free! Tons of people can find you organically through social media. Send a link to your following letting them know you've got a book on Zergin and they should go read it! The more they read it the more you make.


Tell family and friends. They spread it to their friends, and they spread it to theirs. Since you've put your heart into your book, others will love it and they will spread it.


Get a website. Tell your story. The whole thing! When you send your book to be reviewed, you'll have a link for them to get more info. When people come looking for you to review your book, they'll get their questions answered. When you make a sequel to your book, you'll already have a following. The list goes on and on. Be sure to post a link to your book on Zergin where readers can read it online! Need help?


Send your book out to be reviewed. Ask bloggers and youtubers for a review, a lot of reviewers will post a review of your book in exchange for sending them a copy. They need books so they can provide content to their readers, and when they post a review, they're putting your book in front of their readers. Be sure to include a link to your website - the more links back to your website from kids book blogs, the more organic traffic you'll get, the more exposure you'll see!


Live events! Public libraries, local coffee shops, and book stores love having authors in to do events, read kids books to a group of kids and even do book signings! Find a local book fair and sign up to be a vendor. Call your local book stores and see if they will host an event. Getting in front of your readers is always amazing for both of you. Let them know they can buy a copy of your book, or read it online on Zergin.


And more! Have other ideas? Let us know.

If you have more questions, please contact us.