Zergin is the perfect tool for your classroom. Browse through the Library to find kids books for reading time, help parents find sight word flashcards and early reading books for practice, and if you can't find what you need, you can add your own custom stories and educational tools with Press!

Zergin Supports Teachers

Through our Learn with Zergin program, every Zergin product photo our customers post on social media with hashtag #LearnWithZergin, we’ll donate a Zergin Paper kit to an elementary school classroom! Encourage your network to share their Zergin product photos with the world, and you could be the recipient of an awesome STEAM kit!

Earn Money

You've created classroom tools that shine, now share them with the world and earn money for your classroom! It works like this, Educators get access to the Zergin Library for free (forever!), parents sign up for a paid Zergin Streaming account where they get to use your educational tools and read books on the Zergin Library. The Streaming plan subscription fees add to the Zergin Authors Fund which gets divided up between our authors. The more you create and share on the Zergin Library, the more you make, and the bigger impact you will have on the world.

You also get paid when you refer people to sign up for Zergin paid memberships*.