Zergin Community Guidelines

Zergin aims to entertain and inspire creativity in the world. Each community on Zergin is a place for people to express themselves, to help others find inspiring, interesting, or otherwise helpful content, tools, books, and more. Users trust Zergin to provide safe, high-quality content. To ensure this trust, we regularly review posts to ensure they conform to these guidelines and trust users to report any content that does not.

What's Acceptable

We welcome high-quality, high-effort posts including well-written articles, fully detailed books, and links to resources that inspire, educate, entertain.

We support all points of view being expressed on Zergin, as long as such views are respectful to others and child friendly.

What's Not

Posts on Zergin must be family-friendly and have some value to users. "Content" in the following bullet points refers to both the content actually submitted to Zergin as well as the content contained in the websites linked via a post.

  • Content may not contain content that is offensive, insensitive, or otherwise in poor taste
  • Content may have a spooky element (for example, a ghost storybook intended for Halloween), but they may not contain realistic violent, or brutal imagery or language
  • Content may not violate copyright, trademark or any other applicable laws
  • Content may not be sexual or pornographic
  • Content may not contain misleading or outright false information or encourage negative behavior
  • Content may not appear to be designed purely for advertising purposes unless using our advertising system
  • Content may not contain people's private information


We may update these guidelines from time to time. Please review this page regularly.



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