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The Place to Publish Your Kids Books

When you publish to the Zergin Library, you get a chunk of the Zergin Fund, a percentage of profits that come from the monthly fees we charge premium account holders. We track how many times every book gets read by our users, and at the end of every month, we split the Fund into our author's accounts according to those ratios. The more users read your book, the more of the fund you get.

For Indie Authors

All of us have our reasons for self-publishing, and all of us would like to get more exposure for our books. Printing costs, old-school publishers, and all of the headache can be a thing of the past when you publish with Zergin. We don't require you to be exclusive, and there are no fees to publish. Just add your book, submit to the Zergin Library, and start earning money every time your book gets read. Users pay a monthly fee to use Zergin, so instead of a tiny comission for a book purchase, you get an ongoing, reliable stream of revenue. Indie children's books only.

For Teachers

You've created classroom tools that shine, now share them with the world and generate revenue while you're at it. It works like this, Teachers get access to the Zergin library for free, parents sign up for a paid Zergin account to use the same educational tools and read books to their kids. The monthly fee they pay goes toward the Zergin Fund which gets divided up between our authors. The more you create and share on our platform, the more you make, and create an impact on the world.